Your donation goes directly to our programming and to the artists involved! 

We are supported by the community, for the community! However, currently that little button down there isn't working. So contact us at instead and ask us about our programming and projects! We look forwarding to hearing from you.  


The Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity (CJCC) in New York is our fiscal sponsor. 

 We also have our very own CSA!


Typically, thought of as Community Supported Agriculture but in our case the ‘A’ stands for Art! 

Each participant can purchase a ‘box’ that will include limited edition artwork by regional Jewish art culture producers. These boxes will be available for pick up at selected NuART events or for an additional charge, delivered right to your door! For approximately $360, recipients will receive two boxes annually. 

Each box will contain 2-3 works of art. Our CSA boxes might include a print, drawing, graffiti stencil, CD with 1-2 songs, hand screened t-shirt, video of a performance project, comic series or illustrated Haggadah. 

Each CSA NuART Box Set will be a limited edition of 36. Even the boxes themselves will be a limited edition artwork!

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Once received, a NuART member of staff will be in touch. 
Thank you for supporting Jewish Art in Los Angeles!