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A Nu Way Forward: Reaching Jewish Young Adults in Creative Ways by Anne Hromadka 
CCAR Journal, Winter 2013 
Using Nu ART as a case study, founder Anne Hromadka will explain our model, share our successes, and offer lessons learned. In conclusion, our model will enumerate tips for engaging young adults in meaningful ways using culture as a convening method. To read the complete article please click here

‘Nu’ Way to Fund Jewish Art By Ryan Torok
Jewish Journal. April 4, 2012

Artists and musicians, among others, convened in a West Hollywood loft last spring for an event known as SEDER, the Hebrew word for “order” that also refers to the ritual that accompanies the Passover meal. And while they didn’t celebrate Passover that evening, the attendees did contribute to the narrative of the Jewish people... To read the complete article please click here

SEDER E-Newsletter. March 2012
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SEDER E-Newsletter. December 2011 
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The Big Jewcy: Anne Hromadka – SEDER As Art by Margarita Korol June 15, 2011

In an interview with graphic design G-d Milton Glaser, he discussed art as a survival device, something that persisted through human culture as a tool for inducing attentiveness in the populace. Through her unique projects in the Jewish art world, Anne Hromadka is blowing our minds, man, as the tribe is exposed to innovative art, and art exposes new things about the tribe...To read the complete article please click here